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The church of Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Most has been opened to the public since 1988. Altar of the church is baroque and was renovated between the years 1991 and 1993, it is 17 meters high. There are gothic paintings and triptychs. The empora is decorated with a polychromed relief, with scenes from the new and old testament, dated from 1555 to 1570. From the original depository of the church there is the baptisterium, pastoforium, and two encarved church pews. A couple of original epitaphs were preserved as well, for example the epitaph of Mikuláš Riese and the epitaph of Ursula and Magdalena from Weitmile. The church was consecrated again in 1993 by bishop Josef Koukl. Nowadays there are weddings, christenings and other ceremonies being held here.



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Mgr. Jiří Sirový

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