History of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

History and the transfer


The Gothic church of Assumption of the Virgin Mary had been built since 1517, after the terrible fire the old town of Bridge. The old town of Bridge was dammaged by the fire at 1515. The architect the new  church was Jacob Heilmann from Schweinfurt, and the church was based on the origin place, where was before the terrible catastrophe the old church, which was through the fire almost completely destroyed and only the crypt was not dammaged. The new church had been built since 1517 to 1602.

The church has one nave and two aisles, it has inner pillars, which divide chapels on the outside of the church. Through the pillars is divided an empora too. The  Empora is the gallery on the inner side of the church, so you can go from one place around the all church area and came to the same place. 


From other area is the empora divided the wall from marlstone. And there are stories from Bible, from New and Old Testament. This church had been built for 85 years and so we can find there components of Gothic and Renaissance too. And for example the altar is baroque.

During the demolition of the old town of Bridge, and it was destroyed for coal under the  old town, the church was moved about 841.1m. It was at 1975, now stand the church near barocque hospital with Gothic chapel of the Holy Spirit. The transfer  begin at 30th September and it had been moved for 28 days, during the way was on hydraulical buggies, which were on four rails. In front of and behind the church were four hydraulical rollers. This system had waterlevels and through the electronical detectors knew about every divergence or disparity on the way. The average speed was 2.16 cm in a minute. Since 1983 to 1988  the church had been renovated.

The transport of the Church is in the Gold Book of Quiness Records of 20th century.

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